Filing Strategy
Strategies for Addressing USPTO's Non-Statutory Subject Matter Claims
Case 1
As for the eligibility of the subject matter, both the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) have detailed regulations, and the regulations are increasingly converging. However, in practice, there are s......
How the Transition from Potential Rejection to Granting of Patent Rights was Achieved
Case 1
A certain case involves lifting tools and lifting process of side plates of sintering machine. In the first office action, the examiner regarded th......
Overcoming Technical Prejudice in Defense during Office Actions
Case 2
This case pertains to a high-pressure cylinder pressure ratio cogeneration system for steam turbines, aimed at improving upon existing technology t......
Re-examination /Invalidation in China
Accurately Grasp the Essence of the Technical Solution to Ensure Successful Re-examination
Case 1
This case involves a patent application titled "Aluminum-Clad Fiber-Reinforced Composite Core for Overhead Conductors and Its Manufacturing Method.......
Multidimensional Strategy in Handling Infringement Litigation in the Electric Bed Field
Case 2
In a case concerning the field of electric beds, the patentee (plaintiff in the first instance and appellant in the second instance) alleged that t......
Complex Cases
Request for Invalidation of All Claims of an Invention Patent for Global Layout
Case 1
Article 45 of the Chinese Patent Law stipulates that, from the date of the announcement of the granting of the patent by the patent administrative ......
Responding to the Australian Office Action on the Grounds of 'Claims Lacking Support from the Specification
Case 2
This case pertains to an Australian patent application related to a VHH antibody. According to the original claim 1, the complementary determining ......
Business Transactions and Negotiations
Offense and Defense in Negotiation
Case 1
In this era brimming with both challenges and opportunities, every enterprise is in search of its path to survival. For IPRTOP's clients, innovation stands as their principal means of sustenance. One of IPRTOP's clients is a company with a strong background in the semiconductor industry, which un......
The Solution of Amazon Patent Infringement Dispute
IPRTOP's European and American Department Lawyers Help Cross-Border E-Commerce Break Through the Dilemma of Amazon Patent Infringement
Case 1
In today's globalized era, the rapidly evolving landscape of e-commerce presents boundless opportunities for businesses, along with numerous challenges. Among these, patent disputes within cross-border e-commerce are a significant hurdle. In this domain, IPRTOP has adeptly solved many difficult p......